An Impossible Task

by Clarissa

A few weeks ago, Doc had to face one of his most terrific fears, a nightmare that he couldn’t postpone anymore, a torment worse than the mosquito that flies around you in a hot and humid night in the summer… No, not a ghost, not the mosquito, or a long shopping list from his wife (by the way, I am not the shopper between me and him; but this topic will be the topic of a future posting). The fear/nightmare/torment was the hair cut.

Doc has his FIRST appointment to have his hair cut in 1000 Querce. For Doc, that moment has the taste of fear as if he had in front of him a guillotine ready for his head.

For his look, Doc is an extremely predictable human being. Since he was a little more than a toddler and until he lived in R, a town located outside Torino that he calls “the most beautiful place in the world,” Doc had his hair cut by the same barber, and when he retired, by the barber’s son who was trained by the father and knew Doc, his needs and preferences for hair matters.

Then, at 34 years old, Doc moved to the US, and the pain (aka calvary) started …

At the beginning, he went to some barbers located near the place where we live with the result of cursing like crazy as soon as he was out and able to look himself in the mirror; then, thanks to the Italian mafia-connection in Boston , he found Mario, a barber from Italy that cut hair as Doc wanted it to be. However, to Doc’s disbelief, a few years later Mario’s saloon underwent some internal restructuring and was closed for several months and Doc’s most feared nightmare was back: looking for another barber.

After months of trials and errors with catastrophic results, I sent Doc to my hairdresser Chris, knowing that if he had cut hair’s Doc as he liked, Doc would have become his most faithful customers (indeed, and knowing Doc, that was the way that it ended in spite of his initial skepticism). So, for years, every 3 to 4 weeks, Chris was in charge of Doc’s look making Doc a very happy Doc, who had found  THE perfect barber since his arrival in the US (and departure from his beloved Italian barber).

The love-story lasted about 7 to 8 years, until Doc moved to Philadelphia. To be honest, at the beginning, Doc living in Philadelphia was not a problem because I kept living in Boston for about 1.5 years after he moved, and Doc came to Boston every other weekends and therefore Chris could keep taking care of Doc’s hair. Then, one day in Fall 2006, I stated “I am moving to Philadelphia” and a feared look appeared on Doc’s face (not sure if it was because he had to look for another barber or for having to once again share the house with me…)

Nonetheless, I  move to Philadelphia and for a few months after I moved, Doc and I used to drive to Boston for the weekend and sure enough, these trips were deliberately planned when his hair had to be cut. Then, with no more trips to Boston, he finally has to face his nightmare once again. For several years, the search for THE perfect barber went on and with it some cursing and swearing and bad words (obviously in Italian because they have more flavor). After 3 long years, Doc finally found THE perfect barber 200m from home, but once again, a few months later Doc moved to 100o Querce, in Southern California.

Forgotten the idea of planning weekends in either Boston or Philadelphia, in these past 5 months since the move, Doc has postponed as long as possible the search for THE perfect barber. He also went to Italy and had his hair cut there twice, once upon his arrival and once the day before his departure. Then, after 2 moths from the last cut, Doc started feeling like Cousin Iit and could take it no more: It was time to face reality, to combat his fear, to show courage and have his hair cut.

Upon an accurate search on Google, reading gazillions of reviews, evaluating pros and cons, he found the name of a lady specialized in hair cut for men and made his first appointment. I am positive to state that Doc has found THE perfect “barber” on his first shot. He went to the appointment explaining he wanted his hair cut like him, and she was very good at pleasing Doc’s requests.  I am delighted to report that Doc is a happy, and most importantly I have my groomed Doc back.