Fashion Week

by Clarissa

Doc loves to be pampered; he loves to feel comfortable, and whenever he travels between the East and the West Coast of the US, his company pays for a business class fare where he lets the female flight attendant pamper him.

Last week, he went to NYC and as soon as he landed he told me “Did you know this week  it’s fashion week in NYC?”
“No,  I didn’t know it. Interesting… the city will be populated by all sort of good looking girls… Lucky you!” I replied.
“The flight attendant asked me if I am going to NYC for the fashion week” he added with a tone in his voice that sounded like I-am-walking-on-cloud-9-for-such-a-question.
“Well, did you tell her that at your age, the majority of the male models has already stopped modelling and has retired for at least 20 years????” I commented with a satanic twist in my voice…

From the look on his face, Doc didn’t seem to have fully appreciated my comment on his real age that he is trying to forget but I am constantly reminding him whenever he struts around….