Phone Call

by Clarissa

Phone conversation with my niece AA:

“Ciao AA. What did your boyfriend T give you for S. Valentine’s?” I asked her.
“Hmmmm nothing”
“Do you want to know what Uncle Doc gave me for S. Valentine?”
“Yes, of course”
“All right. Let’s play our Gimme-a-hint game. Do you think he bought me a trip to the Hawaii for a week?”
“Hmmmm no”
“Correct.  He didn’t. Do you think he gave me a bunch of red roses?”
“Eh, you’re right once more. He gave me a bunch of roses, but the next day. Do you think he gave me a pair of running shoes?”
“YESSSSSSS” and then she started laughing and turned around and told everybody in the room (my parents and my sister) about my S. Valentine’s gift.

No doubt that AA knows her aunt doesn’t like to workout (or better, to sweat), and she also knows her uncle with whom she loves to go shopping or what she calls “the special shopping” that is spend a few hours at Decathlon to watch and browse—and eventually purchase—a sport-related tool.

PS : Comment of my sister when I showed her the shoes via Skype “Are you sure he didn’t get them for his lover?” I believe he didn’t my dear sister. He bought those shoes for me so that I can feel that “sore pain in all the muscles of [my] body after a serious work out…”