A crazy pre-weekend

by Clarissa

Last Thursday night, Doc and I left for Chicago where I’ll be attending a conference.

Because Doc and I are loyal to two different frequent flyer programs (mine is French and his is German), we used two different airlines.  As soon as we went through security, our crazy pre-weekend started to unveil:

1) Doc’s flight from Phoenix to Chicago arriving from San Fran left with more than 2 hrs of delay. He panicked he couldn’t be on time to connect to his most-important-unforgettable conference call the next morning;|
2) My flight from LA to Cincinnati left with an hour of delay making me late for my Cincinnati-Chicago connection;
3) When I arrived in Cincinnati at 6:30am and wandered around looking for the Help Desk to rebook the next flight, Doc left me a voice message announcing that my hotel reservation was for that PAST night and therefore we didn’t have a room for Friday night;
4) After I checked the reservation and noted that Doc’s statement was right and I made a terrible mistake at booking the wrong night, I started freaking and my cheeks became red and hot. For a few minutes I didn’t know what to do, and my only desire was to go back home;
5) More freaking time went by realizing that for that night I might have to pay $400-500 to reserve a room in a hotel in Chicago downtown. Luckily for me, I found a room in the same hotel for the “cheap” price of $220 and I was so happy that I didn’t blink an eye when I hit the button “Reserve” on my iPhone (obviously, in a normal situation, I would have not paid that amount for a room in Chicago…);
6) My Cincinnati-Chicago flight was the worst I have ever had in my life. The aircraft that was as small as a mosquito did a 8-12 yard jump. People screamed, the aircraft trembled and shook like crazy, and the coke splashed on the roof and came down on my friend’s book (that now is maculated like the a leopard), my glasses, iPhone, red scarf, booths and bag, all while my last thought was “I have not even had the time to say hello to Doc;”
7) Doc was able to participate to his most-important-conference call from a quiet and private place (thanks to my wrong booking that costed me a fortune…)
8) After the conference call, Doc fell in a post-headache sleepy status that knocked him down for several hours. Luckily, after about 4 hrs of sleep, Doc became as active as before and no sign of headache was left in his body (or head);
9) While Doc was sleeping, I was trying to relax in bed, but every now and then I shaked thinking to the jump in the airplane.

Overall, the weekend went fine,  and we spent some time walking, eating in good restaurant, touring the lake on a boat, and meeting friends we hadn’t seen in a long time.

As the last cherry on the cake, when Doc went to do the check-in on Sunday evening, he noticed that the time of departure that he thought was at 10:50pm was indicated as 8:50pm. After a few minutes of panicking during which I felt terrible that I made another big mistake, Doc found the original email stating the 10:50pm time of departure. Once he arrived at the airport, he was told that the 10:50pm flight was not existing anymore and that the mistake was probably caused by the integration of two different booking systems following the merge of Continental and United. In any event, he was able to catch the 8:50pm flight, and he is now on the way back to 1000 Querce.

So far, so good, but it was an intense and freaking pre- and post-weekend…