Doc’s favorite Tavern

by Clarissa

Last Saturday, Doc and I were considering where to have dinner.

“My patent lawyer B said his favorite place in Chicago is Tavern on Rush” I said
“Let’s take a look at its menu” Doc replies

After browsing the web looking for the Tavern’s menu, we decided to book a table. The only time available was 9:30pm, a little late but with some planning and an appetizer, we manage to arrive at 9:30p without a lion roaring for food in our belly.

Not too long after we sat at our table, we noticed several female individuals all wearing a very short skirt and very high heel shoes walking near our table on the way to the lady’s room.

“Mini skirts are back in fashion” noted Doc with a pleasing tone in his voice.
“Apparently so” I said and soon added “I feel like there’s a plastic surgeons meeting in this place and they have invited the results of their efforts ”
“Indeed” Doc approved.

Thanks to B. recommendation and Doc comments and clinical insights, by the end of the dinner, I  could figure out who had a Silicone Valley (NOT to be confused with the Silicon Valley) and what a pair of firm gluteus looks like…