The Open Book

by Clarissa

If Doc had ridden the taxi I took a few days ago in Chicago, driven by a Chinese young lady with long nails painted with black polish, he would have continued the ride to 1000 Querce (about 2048  miles from Chicago) and with the excuse of saving some $$$, he would have shared the hotel room with her and who knows what else he would have done.

If Doc were on the Cincinnati-Los Angeles flight I took yesterday and saw the flight attendant with long black hair, tanned face, almond-shape eyes with black mascara, and perfect French-tip manicure nails, he would have asked to fly to LA going through Europe, Asia, and Australia and possibly in a very twisted path going up and down the line of the Equator

I bet that when Doc saw the lady cheering clients in the sushi restaurant we entered yesterday, he thought of going back there for at least 3650 dinners in a row.

At times, after 18 yrs and 1 day together, to me Doc looks like an open book.