The Lost Treasure

by Clarissa

Doc is a very precise and neat human being. On his desk, he has lined up several cups, each of them containing a bunch of pens, pencils,  or such. Every time I use one of them and forget to put it back, I don’t know how but he can point out which one I took and blame me for the missing piece.

Every now and then, though, Doc does something terrible, really really terrible.

A few days ago, on the way back from a trip to the East coast, Doc forgot something on the plane: his precious iPod touch. Problem is, he found that out when he was home, late at night, and he was unpacking his carry-on baggage.

Around midnight, while I was knitting and watching an interesting documentary about Fermi and Marconi, I heard a herd of horses coming down from the stairs in our mansion.

“Damn it…” screams Doc “I forgot my iPod on the aircraft!!!!” followed by a series of biiiiiiip-bip-bip-biiiiiip words… “I KNEW IT!!! I should have not put it in that pocket!!! ‘…. Biiiip… that was not appropriate for storing my iPod…. biiiiip…bip bip biiiip please look for the lost and found number at LAX… biiiiiip… hurry up, hurry up… biiiip”

So, at half past midnight, he was calling the Lost & Found over LAX but–obviously–nobody replied and the only “living” voice was the one of the answering machine.

Doc felt really bad, so bad that he had troubles falling asleep, but he did his best keeping a positive attitude and hoping to find his iPod touch.

“You’ll never find it” I told him with no hesitation.
“Thank you for your positive support” he replied to me.

The next morning, as soon as he got up, he started calling again the Lost & Found number. He wasn’t lucky and could not get someone but the answering machine. Then, I took over and started calling the number every few minutes until…

“Hi Miss Lost & Found. I am calling because that monster of my husband, yes, Doc, the one who is always ssuper-precise, super-neat, and so on but who every now and then is up in the air, forgot his iPod in the pocket of seat 9D. Just checking to see if someone has found it and brought it there…”

Miss Lost & Found put me on hold and went to check the list of lost and found items. After a few minutes, she responded that nothing with that description was brought to the office

“Well, maybe the cleaning crew has not found it because it’s a small item, and maybe they could not see it with a quick glimpse… or maybe they haven’t cleaned the aircraft yet” I suggested.

Because of my suggestion, Miss Lost & Found decided to check where the aircraft was, whether still at LAX or in another airport. She tracked it down.
“It left for Orlando as flight 204  last night and arrived there early this morning. Call this number”
“Thank you SO MUCH Miss Lost & Found. I’ll immediately call Orlando. Have a great day.” Click

“Hi Orlando Lost & Found? Yes? Thanks… Orlando, we have a problem… Orlando, Doc, that monster of my husband… bla bla bla.. By any chance, have you found it?”
“Please hold on, I am going to check” … … “Something was reported being found. What’s its color?”
“I don’t know it. I need to call Doc, because it’s his iPod.”

So, with one phone connected to Orlando and the other reaching Doc, I was going back and forth between the two.

“Doc, I need to know what your iPod looks like… Doc, Orlando is saying that three items have been found, one of them being a toothbrush. Can you confirm you also had a toothbrush?”
“Orlando, yes Doc is confirming that he also had a toothbrush. He said that his iPod is black and has a plastic cover with black and blue stripes, and there is also a small black case that contains a set of earphones.”

The most difficult part in this three-way conversation was to talk in Italian with Doc and in English with Orlando and switching between the two. At a certain point, Orlando heard my accent while talking to Doc and started talking in Spanish (???), at which point I almost gave up…

“Orlando, use English because it’s already a difficult conversation… don’t mess up with my capability of switching languages like that… pleazzzze….”

Bottom line, Orlando was able to find the precious treasure of Doc.

“So, when do you come to pick it us?” Orlando asks me
“Well, Orlando, actually we live in 1000 Querce,  the quiet and lovely town located in the Rabbit Valley in SoCal. Can you mail it to me?”

When Doc called a few minutes later to give all the information about his address and the FedEx account that I opened with the only scope of getting back his precious treasure, he asked for a priority overnight delivery.

Had it been for me, I would have requested the next week delivery… just to make him freak a little bit longer…