Lost & Found

by Clarissa

The day after the treasure was found right here at about 8am the quietness in the mansion was broken by the sound of the door bell.

“Who dares to be so noisy in the morning?” I stormed from my bed after a sleeplessness night.

It was the FedEx man with the package for Doc. Doc asked to have his treasure mailed with the fastest (and therefore most expensive) shipping choice: Priority overnight. Doc was jumping up and down for joy while helding the package with his treasure in his hands.

“Well, because you had found it, you could have used the 3-day delivery” I commented while he was opening the box “at this point, what’s the necessity to have it that fast and at that cost?”
“But, do you know how much I would have spent had I not found it? I shook last night when I saw the  price of the iPod and the earplugs on the internet…”
“Ok Doc, I am ready. How much would have you spent?”
“$700. $500 for the earplugs and $200 for the iPod touch”

GULP… OMG  GULP… “Doc, what the heck do you do to deserve a set of earplug that costs THAT much???”
“Well… you don’t understand… those earplugs are fantastic… you should try them… you can’t hear any surrounding noise when you have them on… they’re critical for when you fly…”
“All right Doc. And how many trips by plan do you do in a year to JUSTIFY the critical necessity of this pair of SUPER-EXPENSIVE earplugs?”

According to Doc, “enough” means about one trip per month. Just to give a sense of the cost, after 12 years of usage once a month round-trip, and assuming the earplugs are going to last that long which I hope considering the price, the price for using them is about $3.50 per trip. Of course it is cheaper than buying the cheap $5 set offered on the aircraft, but it is also true that “cheaper” earplugs can be used multiple times (probably not for 12 years)… Of course it’s possible that inflation will increase the cost of the $5 earplugs… and of course it’s possible that Doc may travel more in future bringing down the average cost per trip…

“However..” Doc added as soon as he realized that my mind was occupied in making some math calculations “I have NOT paid them that price. I paid them half that price!!!”  he added with a sense of pride in his voice.

I feel much better Doc, much much better… THANKS!

PS: A few days ago, I saw the charge of the FedEx priority overnight delivery on my credit card. The amount was $106.89. He doesn’t think about how much he paid the shipment but how much he saved by not buying his precious treasure… This is HIS point of view ^o^