When the cat is away…

by Clarissa

The cat in this case is Doc. In fact, when he is away (like in these past 2 weeks) even if I get bored A LOT, I can do things that I would not be allowed to do in his presence, such as:

1) I can miss to take my evening daily shower if I spent the whole day at home (which I did several times in these 2 weeks considering my lack of social life… but it’s getting better now)
2) I can eat onions
3) I can increase the entropy of the house (= increase the degree of mess)
4) I don’t have to scream “turn off the light” 10,000 in a day
5) I can dry the laundry outside in the patio using Gulliver my lovely Foppapedretti portable laundry line (by the way, what’s the need of a dryer when you live in SoCal, the land of the never ending sun?)
6) I can take a nap at the end of the afternoon on my couch without being disturbed
7) I can decide NOT to go to the gym and feel a little bit guilty (but not more than a little bit)
8) I can drive Doc’s BMW every time I want and feel a little like a trophy wife with the only difference that Doc is not that old and I believe still attractive

But, above everything, I can do this: Leave the plates in my sink for days and days!!! (All right, two days, maybe two and a half…)

Doc hates hates hates to have the plates in the sink. He doesn’t even wash the precious Bialetti moka espress maker if the sink is full, and he scolds me when, at the end of the day, he comes home and finds the breakfast plates and mugs still there drowning in the sink. So, when the Doc is away, I play and leave the dirty plates in the sink for at least two days.

But please, don’t mention it to him…

–Enjoy the Day–