I know my…

by Clarissa

In Italy, we have a way of saying “I know my chicken” that means you know someone so well you can predict his or her behaviour.

10 years ago this day, I said “I am not going to be next to you because I know you’ll be a pain in the butt” and indeed, I was right. Today, he, the Doc, is a big pain.

He is sad because math is not an ally anymore, and he’ll be force to do things that he never thought of doing before.

In addition, someone up there who surely knows him better than I do, and who correctly predicted Doc was going to be a pain gave Doc another reason to be a pain: in the last day in Italy, He sent Doc a bunch of viruses and bacteria.

So, in the last few days, Doc is coughing and sniffing, and today Doc feels worse than yesterday most likely because yesterday he had to speak for 7 hrs in a row, actually worse than that, he had to repeat for 7 times the same presentation to Big Minds in diabetes.

Because I know my chicken, I’ll leave him cook in his primordial broth withouth mentioning or celebrating anything. A real pity, because I wish I could make this day a special one for him. Perhaps 10 years from now.